Arthemia Free, Now available for Drupal

The Arthemia Free theme (View the live demo for wordpress here) has been ported to Drupal.

Category Ribbon

This site shows a category ribbon along the top. The category ribbon has been manually created in a block, but the relevant css is present in the theme.

The code in the block is of the form:

<div id="cat-1" class="category">
<p><span class="cat_title">CategoryTitle</span>
<a href="#">Text that goes under the category title.</a></p></div>


This theme is more than a simple port from the original as some things have been modified.

Amongst the changes are:

Following the drupal customs

The regions are not hard wired with content and things like the logo etc can be replaced using the normal drupal methods through theme configuration settings.

Improved readability

The main content is now using the Verdana font (where available, falling back to DejaVu Sans on Free operating systems or other places where Verdana is not widely available), allowing for greater readability of the content.

local css changes that stay put - even after updates!

Ever found a really good theme that was just short of greatness? All you had to do was fiddle with a bit of css here or there and it was just perfect.

The only problem was that when a newer version of the theme was released, all those changes would be lost. You would have to carry them out again, remember what you had changed and how. If you were technically savvy, you maybe even created a patch which may or may not apply any longer. Even without updates, maybe you wanted to cancel one of your customisations, but it was not always easy to remember what was changed where.

Configurable Regions

The theme has 12 regions, some of which can be collapsed into larger ones.


Just to the right of the logo, a perfect spot to position an advert or other important content.

Headline & Featured

When both are shown, the headline region is the same width as the content area, the featured region the same as the sidebar.

If the Featured region is not used, the headline area can will take up the full available width, making it exceedingly easy to create eye catching headers for pages.