This theme is more than a simple port from the original as some things have been modified.

Amongst the changes are:

Following the drupal customs

The regions are not hard wired with content and things like the logo etc can be replaced using the normal drupal methods through theme configuration settings.

Improved readability

The main content is now using the Verdana font (where available, falling back to DejaVu Sans on Free operating systems or other places where Verdana is not widely available), allowing for greater readability of the content.

The sidebar region has also had its font size tweaked - Slightly larger text size by default.

Table theming

Drupal uses tables to show data in a few places (Tracker/Recent posts and also forum topic listings to name two places that use tables), and they are fully themed with this theme. The colours may not be the best, but the theming is there and they look presentable.

Striped Sidebar Block Headers

Arthemia free for Wordpress featured just back headers in the side bar. I have added a second colour (a blue) by default which every other block's header will use.

Comment theming

The comments are themed differently to how they are themed by Arthemia Free for Wordpress. Better, but once again, colours are something that may not be everyones taste.

Luckily, colours are something that can easily be overridden through local.css.

Headings that pop

The headings have been given a text-shadow declaration in the css for headings one through 4 that will make the heading pop out on modern browsers. People using older browsers will still get a clean view of the site, just without the extra "pop".